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APX 900

The APX 900 is designed for public works, government services and education organizations who need essential communication at an affordable price. It delivers great core features, with an efficiency-focused design – including Bluetooth® wireless connectivity.

A great radio calls for great support, so we're also introducing Device Management Services for your APX fleet. Whether you need complete ongoing maintenance, or just a little help with provisioning, we have the service package that will suit your needs. You'll get the right level of support for reliable and consistent communications, right across your organization.

With the APX 900 and APX Device Management Services, you get connections you can rely on. Now more than ever.

Frequency Band:
700 MHz, 800 MHz, 900 MHz, UHFR2, UHFR1, VHF

Frequency Range:
700/800 (764-776, 793-806, 806-824, 851-870 MHz)
900 (896-902, 935-941 MHz)
VHF (136-174 MHz)
UHF Range 1 (380-480 MHz)
UHF Range 2 (450-520 MHz)

Power Output:
1-5 W

Number of Channels/Groups/Zones:
512 Channels

Standard battery chemistry type:
Lithium Ion

Battery life (based on a 5-5-90 duty cycle):

Channel spacing:
12.5/20/25 kHz 1

Dimensions H x W x D (with standard battery)
5.1" x 2.2" x 1.4"

Weight (with standard battery)
11 oz

Keypad / Keys
Model 2: Backlit keypad, 2 soft keys, 4-direction navigation key, Home and Back buttons
Model 3: Backlit keypad, 2 soft keys, 4-direction navigation key, 4x3 keypad, Home and Back buttons

Full bitmap color LCD display, 3 lines of text x 14 characters, 1 line of icons, 1 menu line x 2 menus, White backlight

Operating temperature
-30 °C to +60 °C

Mil spec
810 C, 810 D, 810 E, 810 F, 810 G

IP Standards

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Improved Ergonomics: Always in Control
The APX 900 is designed to be efficient. With tactile, dedicated knobs for volume and channel, you can communicate freely without taking your eyes off the task. Even in dark areas and confined spaces, you can be confident you're using the radio without error.

Great Value: Do More, Don't Pay More
Just because you have a limited budget doesn't mean you have to limit your communication. The APX 900 gives you secure voice and data in a rugged and reliable device. It has full P25 interoperability, plus the features you need to connect your workers - all at a great price.

Better Wireless Connectivity: Cut the Cord
The APX 900 has Bluetooth 4.0 (LE) capability, giving you the freedom to use the radio without being wired to it. Bluetooth low energy technology delivers the convenience of “always-on,” so you can stay paired to the radio without draining the battery.

Smart Interoperability: Communicate Across Boundaries
The APX 900 is certified compliant with the P25 standard, so you know you're making a smart investment. Communicate seamlessly with other P25-compliant organizations and first responders. And if there's ever an emergency, you can coordinate mutual aid right from your radio.

Powerfully Simple: Be Effective Now
With the APX 900, even the most sophisticated features are easy to use, so you can be confident your teams aren't wasting time memorizing special settings. Give your teams the APX 900 and watch them be effective immediately.

Motorola NAF5085


700/800 MHz, GPS Whip Antenna

Motorola PMAE4065


UHF, GPS Whip Antenna

Image Not Availabl


6.3-inch UHF (403-470 MHz), flexible whip antenna.

Motorola NAR6593


VHF, GPS Whip Antenna

Image Not Available

Stubby Antenna

4.3-inch VHF stubby antennas.

Motorola IMPRES Two-way Batteries

Motorola NNTN8128


IMPRES Li-Ion 2000 mAh Slim, Submersible, Battery-IP67

Motorola PMNN4424


IMPRES Li-Ion 2350 mAh Submersible, Battery-IP67

Motorola PMNN4448


IMPRES Li-Ion 2800 mAh Submersible, Battery-IP67

Motorola PMNN4489


IMPRES Li-Ion 2900 mAh Battery, IP68

Motorola PMNN4491


IMPRES Li-Ion 2100 mAh Battery, IP68

Motorola PMNN4493


IMPRES Li-Ion 3000 mAh Battery, IP68

Motorola PMLN6085


Leather Carry Case with 2.5” Swivel Belt Loop

Motorola PMLN4651


2” Hard Plastic Belt Clip

Motorola PMLN7008


2.5” Hard Plastic Belt Clip

Image Not Available


2.5-inch Leather Swivel Belt Loop, CSA

Motorola PMLN5611


2.5-inch Swivel Belt Loop

Image Not Available


Hard leather case with fixed 3-inch belt loop and D-rings.

Image Not Available


Hard leather case with 3-inch swivel belt loop and D-rings.

Image Not Available


Leather case with 3-inch fixed belt loop

Image Not Available


Leather case with 2.5-inch swivel belt loop

Motorola PMLN5843


Leather case with 3-inch swivel belt loop

Image Not Available


Nylon Case with 3-inch fixed belt loop. For radios with display

Image Not Available


Nylon Case with 3-inch fixed belt loop. For radios with no display

Desktop, Single & Multi-unit Chargers

Motorola PMPN4174


IMPRES Single-Unit Charger, 115V

Motorola PMPN4284


IMPRES Multi-Unit Charger, 115V

Motorola BR000272A01


Wall mount bracket for PMPN4284 Charger

Vehicular, Travel Chargers & Vehicular Adapter (VA)

Motorola NNTN7616


IMPRES Single-Unit Rapid Rate Vehicular Charger

Motorola NNTN8525


Travel Charger with voltage regulated vehicular charger adapter, custom charger base, mounting bracket, and coil cord

Motorola PMLN6125


1-Wire Receive-only earpiece, black

Motorola PMLN6126


1-Wire Receive-only earpiece, beige

Motorola PMLN6127


IMPRES 2-Wire Surveillance Kit, programmable button, black

Motorola PMLN6128


IMPRES 2-Wire Surveillance Kit, programmable button, beige

Motorola PMLN6129


IMPRES 2-Wire Surveillance Kit with translucent tube, programmable button, black

Motorola PMLN6123


IMPRES 3-Wire Surveillance Kit with translucent tube, programmable button, black

Motorola PMLN5101


IMPRES Temple Transducer with boom microphone and inline push-to-talk 7580384M19 - Replacement rubber temple cover (1 pair)

Motorola PMLN5102


Ultra Lite Headset

Motorola RMN5058


Lightweight Over-the-Head Headset single muff with in-line push-to-talk and boom mic REX4648 - replacement foam earpad and microphone cover kit

Motorola PMMN4065


IMPRES RSM with Volume Toggle Switch, Orange Button and 1-Programmable Button, Windporting (IP57)

Motorola PMMN4069


IMPRES RSM with NON-Threaded Audio Jack, Windporting (IP55)

Image Not Available


IMPRES RSM, No display

Image Not Available


IMPRES RSM, Display, no channel knob

Image Not Available


IMPRES RSM, Display and channel knob